Seek and Diverge 2017

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Riding bikes on lesser traveled gravel backroads has an allure of peaceful aggressiveness that makes any ride better. These roads are often devoid of traffic, save for the occasional passing farm equipment or friendly neighbor driving past with a wave and a nod. It’s a window into another world of rolling pastures and picket fences. Our bikes feel out of place.

But with great power to the pedals you squint through the dust kicked up by the wheels that we follow, grip that lever hood, grit your teeth and pedal forward. It feels a little dangerous and a lot fun.

Representatives from Specialized Bicycles and sportsmen from Yonder Journal will be visiting Hilltop Bicycles to ride gravel bikes with us. We already have a fleet of the all new Specialized Diverge (both men’s and women’s) ready for you to reserve for the day so contact Hb Madison to set one aside.

We meet at Cocolux on Friday, July 7th at 8:30 for some espresso and pastries. Wheels down at 9:00. Find the route here.

Learn more about the all new adventure bike by Specialized here.

*Please note that this route contains serious gravel, some of which can be quite aggressive. Their may be diversions wherein a hike-a-bike will be necassary. Gravel bikes, cyclocross or road bikes with >28mm tires are required.

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