What is not important in the ride?

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Find your ride. We all ride for various reasons; to invigorate, to think, to challenge, to push, to explore, to escape. We ride to escape the everything and to be in the moment at that moment. To drift in and out of thoughts and concentrations.

Losing the self to find ourselves.12345

We believe cycling will change your life.

We live it and see it every day. Cycling changes people’s lives. Watching the child’s face light up when she sees the perfect colored bike that just coincidentally matches her outfit that day is magical for the parents and for everyone in the room. Hearing pride in the man’s voice as he recounts his first century ride accomplishments makes us all proud. We live in the moment with him. Or, watching that friend become healthier and vibrant as the season progresses makes us all smile as we relish in his joy.

Cycling will change your life and the entire Hb community is along with you for the ride.


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