Harold’s Diverge

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Not all great bikes need to cost $10,000. This is one such example.

Like many clients, Harold had done a lot of research prior to stepping foot in the store. He knew what bicycle he wanted and he knew where to get it. The most important thing to Harold was minimizing discomfort, particularly in the hands, while riding. He explained that when riding friend’s bikes, he was always so uncomfortable with the road vibrations numbing his hands and chattering his teeth.

Enter, the Specialized Diverge with FutureShock Technology. When it comes to innovation, not many companies can come close to what Specialized is doing. They have more designers and engineers on staff than other bicycle manufacturer’s have in total employees. They relentlessly engineer, build, assess, rebuild, re-engineer and rebuild until just right. They constantly push innovation to new bounds. The FutureShock was one such development. “The Future Shock is a revolution in smoothness, delivering 20mm of travel without degrading speed, handling, or comfort. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Through a focus on axial compliance, it breaks the mold of what we thought was possible in bicycle design.” Specialized 

The Diverge 105 retails for $1,800. Harold installed the Specialized Armadillo All-Conditions 700×30 for tackling more aggressive pathways and gravel riding, like the Canal Path.

This bike would be a good consideration for the Seek & Diverge 100.

If you haven’t yet ridden a bike equipped with this feature, you don’t know what you’re missing.

It is something you must try.

We can make that happen for you.

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