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Deals so low they’re scary!! (cheese to the extreme) Seriously. These bikes won’t last long at these prices Fatboy Comp $3200 Med- 12% OFF Fuse Comp $3200 Med- 12% OFF Fathom 2 $1155 Large- 12% OFF Anthem Pro 29er $5000 Large- 20% OFF Highball 3.0 C R Kit 29er $2799 Med- 12%OFF Chameleon 7.1 D[…]

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The 2017 bikes are starting to land and that means it’s sale and clearance time so you can take advantage of huge savings and markdowns on all 2015 and 2016 bicycles. Most line-ups have no changes other than paint, so it’s your chance to save big-time. This inventory moves rapidly so don’t wait around. And[…]

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